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Together Bound Sentries #2Orced to go undercover the Chancellor’s Estate Todd and Nick discover an ancient and deadly creature preying on residents of the estate The same creature that is radically effecting Chancellor Shaffer A creature only Nick can see in its true form It hunts using specialized skills and has Todd and Nick in its crosshairs Even if they defeat the creature and survive they still face the possibility of being torn from each other when their lives are thrown into chaos by the thing they’re huntingThis is the third edition of Together Bound The previous editions were published by another publisher This story has been re edited and update. 4 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpressco I would advise that before you read this you read the first Sentries book Marked Yours as you get a better feel of the world building and the bond between Todd and Nick This is set in the future three hundred years after a cataclysmic natural disaster Nick is near to panicking when he receives a letter demanding that he hand over Todd his slave his lover his mate He just wants to grab Todd and head for the hills but he does his duty and visits the Vice Chancellor and finds that he needs Todd for an undercover mission They both go undercover and when they discover the truth it could very well mean their lives When the mission is over neither one of them will be safeThis is an incredible bit of futuristic fantasyparanormal that draws you in You really feel for these two as they don’t want to be separated they both also feel guilt for what happens Blaming themselves Nick for not being able to protect Todd like he promised and Todd for not being able to stop the thing that is the Chancellor from touching him There is some misunderstanding between the two of them but what you do not miss even from the very beginning is how much these two really love each other and you certainly can’t miss the wonderful love scenes between these twoFantastically written storyline brilliant plot and an ending which could mean to come from these two incredible men There is one slight kink scene and a few times that Todd gets all Alpha on NickI would say that this is for those of you who love science fiction futuristic fantasyparanormal post apocalypse hot sex and a really good story

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Together Bound Sentries #2 characters é 107 Ê Todd Ruger is a sentry a very good one some might say the best He was eleven when he and Nick were bound as master and slave Todd spent the years Nick lived in the slave village waiting for the day Nick could leave and they’d be together bit by bit building a life for both of them He took hTodd Ruger is a sentry a very good one some might say the best He was eleven when he and Nick were bound as master and slave Todd spent the years Nick lived in the slave village waiting for the day Nick could leave and they’d be together bit by bit building a life for both of them He took his role of master seriously It was his responsibility to provide for Nick protect him and along the way he learned to love him Todd loved Nick deeply and completely They were than a pair of sentries Todd and Nick were friends lovers matesEighteen months ago Nick left the small village where he’d spent his entire life being raised and trained as. 'Start as you mean to go on' is very fitting for both this series and the two main characters Todd and Nick Ruger With this second book in the ‘Sentries’ series the author’s skill with world building and character development remains strong and true Layer by layer the hidden depths of this world and those that inhabit it is being slowly revealed and all is not always as it seems Almost two years after the conclusion of the first book Todd and ”Nicky” are taking on their first undercover assignment as Sentries With war looming as well as the threat of separation they face off against not one but two enemies at the same time; one known and one unknown Either one has both the power and the means to destroy everything they have worked so hard for as Masterslave bonded mates and as Sentries For me the heart and soul of this series is and always will be the breathtaking relationship between Todd and Nicky and the strength of their bond When things begin to fall apart and communication breaks down each man is most concerned with what HE might have done to contribute to this It is uite heart wrenching to witness Todd and Nicky’s relationship feels solid and familiar full of their trademark humor and warm affection Under the influence of a mysterious supernatural force Todd becomes a bit aggressive sexually much to Nicky’s delight And that is the key here “to Nicky’s delight” At the core of their lovemaking at all times is a deep abiding love and complete awareness of the other’s needs both physical and emotional It seems no one and no thing can come between these two strong and determined men As always Todd and Nick are willing to fight and die if necessary to protect what is theirs This series continues to grow and fascinating and is very addictive The writing is tight and smooth flowing with no excess of descriptive paragraphs dialog or scenes The plot is very well thought out and executed and feels very credible for the world the author has so skillfully created The suspense builds slowly and steadily creating a fair amount of tension It carries the story and the reader right along with it to a very chilling confrontation with a horrifyingly gruesome enemy The ending is deeply satisfying yet definitely leaves the door wide open for 'Together Bound' could be read alone as it is a complete story in and of itself however you would miss so much of the heart of this series by not experiencing Todd and Nick's journey to where they are when this book takes place If this installment is any indication of what is yet to come I for one am on board for I intend to purchase a print copy for my Keeper shelf to go right next to my copy of ‘Marked Yours’ NOTE This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on ueer Magazine Online

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A slave Blessed with a uniue skill set Nick became a sentry He took his place beside his master Todd Ruger defending society against the many paranormal threats that abound They became than master and slave they became mates Nick had found a home with Todd and together they became a family Eventually Nick’s special abilities and skills attract the attention of the second most powerful man in New Colorado Protectorate’s government Vice Chancellor Clarke Or maybe certain people knew of Nick all along and just now had cause to use him He believes Nick might be the answer to explaining Chancellor Shaffer’s sudden unusual behaviorF. TOGETHER BOUND is the second book in the Sentries series and we continue with Todd and Nicky's story I would definitely recommend reading this as a series as we deal with the same characters in the same world and if you don't then this may not make any sense at allTodd and Nicky go undercover at a slave rehabilitation camp to try and find out if the Chancellor has gone crazy or not It turns out he's not crazy but he's not himself either This is a dangerous mission so for Nicky in many ways but Todd has his own battles to fight tooI loved returning to their world and seeing how they interact with each other I don't think this was as hot and heavy as the first book but there are definitely moments where Todd goes AlphaThere is a great cast of characters in this book and I would love to hear from them in future books A fantastic ending that wraps up this part of their story nicely whilst leading onto the next which I CAN'T WAIT FORDefinitely recommended by me and bring on the next