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EBOOK Ú EPUB Highway to Vengeance ê 9780615471594 FREE ´ BRIAN SPRINGER ↠ Ripped from today's headlinesAn ex Navy SEAL A daring raid on a heavily fortified stronghold A clandestine operation to take out a reclusive international terrorist Join us on a high octane thrill ride as ex naIs trying to stop him One wants to help But both have their own hidden agendas Highway's search leads to a former drug lord turned terrorist who's looking to smuggle a WMD under the porous Mexico border But that's not going to happen Not if Highway can help itFrom the sun drenched beaches of San Diego to the crime ridden streets of Tijuana HIGHWAY TO In the past I have read a lot of books by authors like Jack Higgins and Colin Forbes but got a bit tired of the same stories rehashed and the slightly dated feel to a lot of their back catalogue As such I eased off of novels in that vein However the synopsis for this book sounded current and interesting I was hoping a new author and characters would perk me upThomas Highway is a former Navy SEAL who is hellbent on revenge after the murder of his wife She is killed in a set up hit and run accident which he witnesses He starts tracking down those responsible with the assistance of best friend Willis who runs a security company but comes up against a government department who wants to stop him before he blows a major operation trying to stop a WMD being brought into the US over the Mexican border He is determined to deliver justice for his wife though and another covert government agency wants to help him out The story is told in the first person and I felt like I was drawn to Highway from the start He is uite an endearing character clearly tough but with a soft centre when it comes to wife Josie The chapters are interspersed with flashbacks to his SEAL training which I thought were a clever way to establish how much of a hard guy he was without taking away from the action as it was unfolding in the present There was action from the very start building up to what I felt was a satisfying endingThere was an element of having to suspend my disbelief a little at the notion of Highway and Willis being able to so uickly and easily access all the kit he needed to go after the culprit and having the amazing set up Willis did as both are civillians I also wondered how even a former SEAL could compartmentalise the death of his wife as easily as he appeared to However it's possible that I'm a little naive as to what really goes on in the big bad world and actually I do enjoy taking a leap of faith when it's in favour of the good guys and makes it a exciting read This was a really enjoyable action thriller that I raced through with a main character I could root for The plot wasn't overly complicated but with enough twists to keep me wondering If you're a fan of the genre this book is well worth a look

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Ripped from today's headlinesAn ex Navy SEAL A daring raid on a heavily fortified stronghold A clandestine operation to take out a reclusive international terrorist Join us on a high octane thrill ride as ex navy SEAL Thomas Highway sets out to kill the man who murdered his wife while simultaneously negotiating a pair of covert government agencies One Highway to Vengeance by Brian Springer is a fast paced and gripping action thriller Well written and with a solid plot it's a perfect read for long summer evenings with a cuppa coffee The protagonist of this story Thomas Highway is an ex Navy SEAL He decided to join the Navy ranks after the 911 attacks but was forced to drop out not long after finishing his training due to a life threatening health issue The story starts with Thomas and his wife Josie having their weekly lunch at a BB place in San Diego It's a beautiful sunny day the food was fantastic and everyone is in a great mood especially Tom and Josie who seem to be as in love with each other as ever Everything is just perfect After the meal they separate as Josie has an important meeting at her office She leaves first and Tom still sitting at the restaurant's patio is watching her cross the street That's when everything comes tumbling down From where he sits Tom witnesses Josie being hit by a speeding car She dies in his arms few minutes later Highway is convinced that the so called car accident wasn't an accident at all but a deliberate murder Devastated and desperate for vengeance he's set on doing everything he can to find the person behind Josie's murder With help from his best friend Willis who owns a Security and Investigations Company Thomas will do whatever it takes to avenge his wife's death As he goes deeper into his investigation he realizes that the murder of his wife is actually a conspiracy on a much bigger scale than he ever expected Before he knows it he's caught up in a situation involving Homeland Security Mexican drug cartels Weapons of Mass Destruction and a suspicious government agency intent on using him as a pawn in their conspiracy game Not knowing who to trust Highway is going to have to make some tough choices It will take everything he learned during his Navy SEAL training to get out of this alive Highway to Vengeance is a uick and pleasant read which I enjoyed a lot but would have enjoyed even if it was a bit longer I loved how gripping the story was and I definitely had a lot of fun with all the twists and turns in the plot but at the same time I found myself wishing that the author would give us a little bit insight into what was going on in Highway's head It lacked the emotional depth Don't get me wrong the book really is a great piece of action thriller packed with kick ass adventures and life threatening situations that will keep you on the edge of your chair but I just couldn't get emotionally involved with it as it didn't offer much of anything else but action Nonetheless Highway to Vengeance is no doubt a well written and believable action thriller with no loose ends I liked the BUDS training interludes they made the whole thing a whole lot interesting and dynamic Final verdict It's a bad ass story that slams into you at full speed from the very start and takes you on a wild thrill ride It tears along at breakneck speed has plenty of obstacles and the bad guys get what they deserve in the end It might not be the most original story ever after all vengeance is uite a popular subject in both movies and books but it's definitely worth reading

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Highway to Vengeance VENGEANCE combines a hard boiled neo noir first person POV with modern thriller elements and a highly accurate account of real life SEAL training to create a twisting novel that explores the darkness within us all the lengths one man will go to avenge his lost love and the difference between vengeance and justiceFor fans of Lee Child and Stephen Hunt I really enjoyed reading this book Brian Springer did an awesome job From page one the conversation flowed smoothly and continued throughout which made the characters seem so real I loved the training sessions because it tied in so well when it was time to activate the mission and made things plausible None stop action A great read I recommend it