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Seabiscuit kindle ´ eBook 9780345465085 ê Laura Hillenbrand ê There's an alternate cover edition hereSeabiscuit was one of the most electrifying and popular attractions in sports history and the single biggest newsmaker in the world in 1938 receiving coverage than FDR Hitler or Mussolini But his success was a Ward was a onetime bicycle repairman who introduced the automobile to the western United States and became an overnight millionaire When he needed a trainer for his new racehorses he hired Tom Smith a mysterious mustang breaker from the Colorado plains Smith urged Howard to buy Seabiscuit for a bargain basement price then hired as his jockey Red Pollard a failed boxer who was blind in one eye half cripp Welcome to the sparkling colorful and vibrant world of racehorses and tournaments with his legends dramas and passions located in the USA of the nineteenth twentiesOpenly speaking friends let me say that I would never have pick up a book about racehorses and only because of the greats and awesome reviews at goodreads and also because Laura Hillenbrand was the author did I in the end made my mind up to read this oneand thanks God that I didLet me tell you also that this book is written brilliantly and masterly believe me folks if I say that you will not be able to put it down its not an exaggeration at allThen if you will include the fact that Hillenbrand was severely sick at the time she wrote it and has rendered indeed a marvelous and thoroughly researched piece of work then you will be left dumbfounded to the uttermostAlso I have learned a lot about horses jockeys tournaments competitions and the feeling that existed in the America of the depression era people trying to recuperate from a financial depression and a war going onHaving said that it remains still a tale of resilience fight and the story of an underdog what in my opinion is almost always a good one indeed The main characters arouse empathy so that you will suffer with them although they are full of flaws and defects but they never give upPlease let me say it again Laura Hillenbrand can indeed write and that very very goodBelieve meSeabiscuit has reminded me positively of her other book unbrokenA wonderful and an inspiring tale I did love and enjoy it to the uttermost indeedFive stars and happy about thatDean;D

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Led and prone to uoting passages from Ralph Waldo Emerson Over four years these unlikely partners survived a phenomenal run of bad fortune conspiracy and severe injury to transform Seabiscuit from a neurotic pathologically indolent also ran into an American sports icon Author Laura Hillenbrand brilliantly re creates a universal underdog story one that proves life is a horse race From the Hardcover editi Can I give this 6 stars pleaseSuch a moving story Wonderful Full of heart AmazingI simply just adore it And it was even better than the movie Which should really tell you something since I probably know that movie by heart having already seen it 6 times till nowSeabiscuit is the best

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SeabiscuitThere's an alternate cover edition hereSeabiscuit was one of the most electrifying and popular attractions in sports history and the single biggest newsmaker in the world in 1938 receiving coverage than FDR Hitler or Mussolini But his success was a surprise to the racing establishment which had written off the crooked legged racehorse with the sad tail Three men changed Seabiscuit’s fortunesCharles Ho I have been known to bet a couple of bucks on a horse race or two I lived in Kentucky for about 10 years where horse racing is king Now I live within a couple of hours of close to a dozen horse tracks including Churchill Downs home of the Kentucky Derby Because of all this I figured I might be interested in the biography of one of history's most famous horses I was definitely satisfied with the experience The story of Seabiscuit reads like it was written for Hollywood and plays out like almost every emotional sports story ever Humble beginnings Scrappy unlikely heroes successes adversity failure no hope recovery and final ultimate triumph all these elements are here You will be amazed you will be moved you will be yelling at each horse race retelling cheering of Seabiscuit to succeed In the end I can 99% guarantee you will be exhausted and satisfiedWhile it did not bother me there is an awful lot about horse racing and horse training If these things do not interest you you may find some parts slow Luckily for me I was enthralled with horse training and the finer points of horse racing much that I ever thought I would beIf you enjoy a good sports story if you like stories about the underdog becoming the champion or if you enjoy books with a good history lesson it is definitely worth giving Seabiscuit a try