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A Town Like AliceNese and forced on a brutal seven month death march with dozens of other women and children A few years after the war Jean is back in England the nightmare behind her However an unexpected inheritance inspires her to return to Malaya to give some. Jean Paget was part of a group of women and children captured by the Japanese at the beginning of the invasion of Malaya The men were sent to camps while their captors didn’t know what to do with the women and children And so began the horrific march across Malaya from one place to the next over miles and miles of dense jungle During the walk several of their party died but Jean’s role as leader went well as she was the only person able to speak the local language When the diminished group came across Australian prisoners of war Joe Harman from northern Australia did his best to help the group He was caught and brutally punishedAfter the war and repatriated to England Jean’s lifestyle was a sedentary one But after considerable time she learned something contrary to her beliefs and so headed for Australia in search of Joe; she needed to know if he was alright Would she find him Joe had spoken fondly of Alice Springs – could she find him in a town like Alice A Town Like Alice by Aussie author Nevil Shute is an exceptional tale Based on the true story of Dutch women and children captured by the Japanese in Sumatra Shute met the strong courageous woman who led the group through the jungle and wanted to honour her with this story Hence Jean Paget was born Originally published in 1950 A Town Like Alice is a classic I highly recommend

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Nevil Shute's most beloved novel a tale of love and war follows its enterprising heroine from the Malayan jungle during World War II to the rugged Australian outbackJean Paget a young Englishwoman living in Malaya is captured by the invading Japa. There are books we can't be entirely rational about For good or bad they push our personal buttons and we adore or detest them beyond their own merits A Town Like Alice is one of those books I love beyond reason It contains courage determination when the odds are against you and taking action to change others' lives and the world around you for the better It has some bittersweet moments as well as a little bit of romanceNevil Shute based this 1950 novel on a WWII story he had heard about Dutch women and children who were Japanese prisoners of war who were marched around Sumatra from place to place because the Japanese had no prison camp to put them in many of them dying along the way As it turns out he misunderstood the story they didn't actually have to walk but were transported around the country He used this as the basis for this story of Jean Paget a young Englishwoman who becomes the leader of a group of women and children who are forced to walk from town to town in Japanese occupied Malaya now Malaysia in terrible circumstances Along the way they meet a kind Australian POW Joe Harman a young man who helps them with food and other necessities and uickly becomes a friend to Jean But Jean and Joe run into trouble when Joe steals some black Leghorn chickens for the underfed group What happens then and after makes for a fascinating story Malaysian villageAfter the war Jean inherits some money and becomes friends with Noel Strachan the elderly English solicitor who is her trustee Noel is the narrator for most of the novel and sometimes his voice gets a little dry and tedious in relating tangential details kind of befitting an aging lawyer I can say that D At the same time he has a certain old fashioned charm and wry humor Noel watches Jean fall in love with a distinct feeling of regret since her new life will take her away from England but he continues to help her as she begins to transform the Australian outback town where she has chosen to live ueensland AustraliaAs he decides to travel to visit Jean to help her with some legal matters one of his law partners is concerned for his healthI only wish you hadn't got to put so much of your energy into this After all it's a fairly trivial affairI can't agree with that I said I'm beginning to think that this thing is the most important business that I ever handled in my lifeI've read this book three or four times over the years I noticed much this time how Noel's narration sometimes gets repetitive and tedious I wish I had a dollar for every time a character stared at someone or said Oh my word I don't know if Nevil Shute deliberately wrote it that way or if that's just his style of writing But then there's a wonderful scene or a lovely turn of phrase and I fall in love with this book all over againIn the half light he turned as she came out of the hut and he was back in the Malay scene of six years ago She was barefooted and her hair hung down in a long plait as it had been in Malaya She was no longer the strange English girl with money; she was Mrs Boong again the Mrs Boong he had remembered all those yearsIt's old fashioned in many ways but it still moves and inspires me And for that reason despite its occasional weaknesses it's staying at the full five starsFebruary 2015 rereadbuddy read with HanaPrevious reviewThis is one of my all time favorite books It consists of two uite different halves with the first half relating the travails of Jean Paget and a group of English women in Malaya during WWII and the second half about Jean's romance with an Australian man she had met briefly during her travels in Malaya and her efforts to turn his Australian town into a decent place for women and families to live I may be in the minority of liking the second half better than the first not just for the romance which is nice but doesn't take up a lot of space in the book but for the way in which the main character takes action to change her town It's inspiring and enjoyable reading even if rather deliberately paced at times Highly recommended

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A Town Like Alice Read & download Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó Nevil Shute's most beloved novel a tale of love and war follows its enterprising heroine from the Malayan jungle during World War II to the rugged Australian outbackJean Paget a young Englishwoman living in Malaya is captured by the invading Japanese and foThing back to the villagers who saved her life Jean's travels leads her to a desolate Australian outpost called Willstown where she finds a challenge that will draw on all the resourcefulness and spirit that carried her through her war time ordea. Nevil Shute's sweeping novel sees privileged Englishwoman Jean Paget upended from her expat life in colonial Malaya by the invading Japanese in WWIIPaget somehow survives the brutality of an enforced death march through a jungle peninsula and eschews the home comforts of post war England for altruistic work in far flung climes Malaya and the Australian outbackThis is a compelling read despite it seeming a bit dated now and Shute can be commended for creating a modern ballsy female character in a time of authorial chauvinism