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Free download Ü Eleven twenty two sixty three ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ Jake Epping is a thirty five year old high school English teacher in Lisbon Falls Maine who makes extra money teaching adults in the GED program He receives an essay from one of the students—a gruesome harrowing first perInation So begins Jake’s new life as George Amberson and his new world of Elvis and JFK of big American cars and sock hops of a troubled loner named Lee Harvey Oswald and a beautiful high school librarian named Sadie Dunhill who becomes the love of Jake’s life a life that transgresses all the normal rules of tim. I'll be honest here It's really rare that I get through a book over 500 pages let alone 700 Nook pages It's also true that I have never read a single thing from Mr King until now Why I'm not sure Maybe his books intimidated me because when I was younger everyone was always talking to me about how his books were so long and blah blah Anyway I am proud to say that 112263 was my first book read by Stephen King I hear it's so much different than his other work but I also haven't met a single person that didn't love it I read this book because everybody and their brother was recommending it to me as a must read I'm also not a big historical fiction fan and didn't know how much I would enjoy reading about 20 years before my birth I had nothing to worry aboutHere is a book that you never want to end yet you do want it to end because you need to know what is going to happen King introduces us to a man named Jake who insists that he is not emotionless despite the fact that he doesn't cry often I can relate to him right off the bat Not a big crier but I definitely feel emotions on a huge level Jake is sent back to 1963 with a plan made up by a guy named Al who owns a local diner and has the rabbit hole which is how they travel back in time At first his mission is just to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating JFK but then little things pop up here and there making him consider a few new things that need to be changed I'm not going into any detail than that because I don't want to give away one single thing in this brilliant novel Fans of his story It may be excited to know he revisits the town of Derry Maine where It was locatedThe excitement and suspense in this book were astonishing I held my breath in anticipation of certain things Jake had to do and then some twist would come out of left field and I would continue reading in awe There were also several sighs of relief and a couple of cute moments involving Jake's romance that just made me say awwI do feel like there were a rough 100ish pages that dragged on somewhere in the middle and the book may have benefited by taking out a few things but obviously I'm no expert That's just my opinion Again this may have also been just something I was feeling because I was very impatient and really wanting to know how this book would end Some people didn't like the ending but I loved itIn the afterword King discusses his research a bit You can most definitely tell that a lot of research and thought went into this novel The descriptions are vivid and when I say you are really transported back to the 60's I mean it You will feel it 112263 is a truly memorable wonderfully written book that I have already recommended to several family members and friends and I will continue to recommend for years to come This is another of King's books that I could see as a film too If you are wanting to try a Stephen King book but don't know if you will like all the horror read this It is not like that at all

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Ther his sister and his brother with a hammer Harry escaped with a smashed leg as evidenced by his crooked walkNot much later Jake’s friend Al who runs the local diner divulges a secret his storeroom is a portal to 1958 He enlists Jake on an insane and insanely possible mission to try to prevent the Kennedy assass. Hi my name is Jake Epping and I’m a dull high school English teacher who has decided to go back in time to prevent JFK from being assassinated I’ve decided to do this primarily because a fat man who serves me 53 year old cheeseburgers with whom I share only a vague casual acuaintance has told me that I should There is no other real reason for me to being doing this There really isn’t Once I’m there I will also risk my life to save a bunch of other people that I barely know because I want to demonstrate how amazingly selfless I am It is important to me that I am well liked I will fuck up several times but that is no problem because I have no life and therefore I will simply go back in time again and repeat the experience until I get things right At some point along the way I will fall in love with an 80 year old woman But don’t worry—when I go back in time she’s 27 So that’s no problem eitherAnyway once I view spoilersave JFK and am thanked with a lifetime supply of beer I will finally return to the present But oh no—saving JFK has caused massive earthuakes WHAAA and now the entire country is a complete nuclear wasteland And yet even though there is no plausible reason whatsoever for this to be the case hide spoiler

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Eleven twenty two sixty threeJake Epping is a thirty five year old high school English teacher in Lisbon Falls Maine who makes extra money teaching adults in the GED program He receives an essay from one of the students a gruesome harrowing first person story about the night 50 years ago when Harry Dunning’s father came home and killed his mo. “We never know which lives we influence or when or why” I still fail to understand why Stephen King isn't considered a writer of respected literature Because he writes sci fi and horror Because his books are so compelling entertaining and popular For me King does what very few authors manage he turns fast paced genre fiction into well written thought provoking literature And 112263 is no exception I've been putting this book off for the last few years; partly because it's an 800 page giant and partly because I studied the hell out of Kennedy and 1950s60s America back in high school But I find myself once again in that situation where I read a book I always meant to read and mentally kick myself for not giving in soonerThis book is fantastic Some of its critics don't like the crossover of many genres claiming it wanders from genre to genre However I loved how this book was many things It's an extremely well researched piece of historical fiction; it's a fascinating look at time travel science fiction is it possible to change the past What is the cost of doing so; it's a small town thriller; and it's a love storyKing has this strange way of turning the most fantastical plots into stories about people who feel very real He writes detailed and honest character portraits so that these characters become so vivid and realistic likable and flawed that we so easily believe in everything that happens to them If you don't already know this book is about a man called Jake Epping who through his friend Al discovers a portal that takes him to 1958 where he takes over Al's obsessive mission to prevent the Kennedy assassination He establishes a new life in the past in a world filled with big American cars rock'n'roll and shameless racism sexism and homophobiaThe amount of research King did is evident He paints an intricate portrait of this time simultaneously portraying an exciting dreamy era full of different fashions music and the best root beer ever for 10 cents and showing the darker side segregation and the two doors and three signs Men on one door Women on the other door and Colored leading to a plank of wood over a small stream He makes this era seem like a bright amazing creepy nightmareI thoroughly enjoyed it Unlike some of King's other works the 800 pages didn't feel like too much to me and they just seemed to fly by So glad I finally read itBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr