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The SelectionFor thirty five girls the Selection is the chance of a lifetime The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorg. UPDATE 3232016 YOU GUYS I owe Kiera Cass a TREMENDOUS apology Kiera Cass is the mother effing ORACLE OF DELPHI GET THAT WOMAN A JOB IN THE WHITE HOUSE STATBecause you guys She predicted Donald Trump's America Rich businessman War with China Renaming country after own self Creating a caste system based off of how much money one has I didn't believe this was an America that could happen but turns out I was the one who was wrong sobbing uietly into nuclear bunkerORIGINAL REVIEWI almost never write reviews but I had to write one to try to persuade people to read this book Really it has to be read to be believed This is actually the worst book I've ever had the pleasure to encounter in my life and I think it's only fair that everyone else get to enjoy it too It's the best ten bucks and three hours of my life I've ever spent I'm not being sarcastic The entertainment value of this novel is high Especially if you can reenact scenes out loud with your boyfriend which I may or may not have doneAs for all you people who couldn't finish it WEAK Seriously The effery gets and amazing and you missed some inspiring prose I've read through many of the reviews here and people have done a good job of covering the problems Forgive me for treading familiar ground 1 RIDICULOUS NAMES I know Collins did the same thing But while it works in Hunger Games to underscore the absurdity of the society the silliest names come from the Capitol or Career districts here it just makes all of our descendants sound stupid Stop smoking pot kids Your progeny will be born dumb and name THEIR progeny things like America Aspen and Clarkson Please Think of the children Tangent I was describing this book to a friend and I said The heroine is named America Singer She has a really special talent and you can tell from her name My friend Is she really good at freedom2 EXECRABLE WORLDBUILDING Great even good dystopians SHOULD stem from a plausible scenario of the future eg 1984 and MUST make a commentary on society as it is now Hunger Games is once again the good example here it isn't exactly plausible but all that War is Hell stuff is good This book fails miserably on both points Not only is the vision of the future ridiculous and implausible based on the world we know today it demonstrates a complete lack of historical economic political and anthropological understanding Midway through the book we are given a breathtakingly idiotic vision of the future how has no one addressed this yet It's like the best part of the book view spoilerApparently America becomes so indebted to China that China decides to INVADE No really Because if one country is in debt to another and the first country wants its money back that's what you do International Relations 101Only they find out that oops there IS NO MONEY Likethe Chinese are sitting there thinking IF ONLY WE INVADE WE CAN GET OUR MONEY BACK uestion WHY DIDN'T AMERICA USE ITS MASSIVE NUCLEAR ARSENAL TO DEFEND ITSELF Did China defy international conventions and violate the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty it signed in 1992 WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING Did America somehow lose its stockpile HOW DID THIS HAPPEN If you're not going to keep things vague like Collins you need to address the GIANT GAPING HOLES in your idea SO then America becomes the American State of China HAHAHAH OMFG and they getlabor Yeah The Chinese want American labor Anyway after China invades America the Russians attack Because they are SMRT and expanding on BOTH FRONTS Which two fronts East and up I think she might mean China but it's hard to tell Only like Napoleon and Hitler learned WHEN WILL DICTATORS EVER GET IT RIGHT fighting a war on two fronts is a BAD IDEA Russia and China have at it then a dude named Gregory Illea saves America and forms a new government and country NAMED AFTER HIMSELFYes The nation that didn't even name itself after George Washington decided to name itself after a private citizen who donated his money and knowledge Also in the history of the world how many countries are named after a PERSON Not even the worst dictators in the history of the world have done that ETA Regarding the naming a country after a person I might be wrong Not sure See comments hide spoiler

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Eous Prince MaxonBut for America Singer being Selected is a nightmare It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen who is a caste below her Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want Living in a palace tha. Stuck at home Got some time on your hands Want to start a long series But you don't want a dudCheck out this booktube video all about which series are worth your time and which ones aren't Check Out the Written Review The Bachelor The Princess Diaries I hope you find someone you can't live withoutI really do And I hope you never have to know what it's like to have to try and live without them North America was destroyed wars financial crisis etc A man of the name Gregory Illéa pulled together what was left to form Illéa This new country came with a strict caste system with Ones being the royal family all the way down to Eights poor starving untouchablesAmerica Singer a Five is among the artist caste Hungry but not starving Poor but not destitute She has a secret love Aspen a Six the laborers and cleaners and she knows nothing could be worse than their discovery In her country only the harshest of punishments are towards the unpure girlsLife seems rather hopelessthat is until the chance of a lifetime swings her way The Selection Prince Maxon is ready to find his bride and the royals crowd sourced 35 eligible healthy virgins for the task America signs up for the Selection under duress of her family and surprise surprise our heroine is selected Every week she remains in the prince's pool of suitable companions her family gets much needed money Every week she remains she's one step closer to becoming a One As much as her family is rooting with her she decides to cut a deal with Maxon She'll be his friend his eyes and ears in exchange for keeping her in the competition and her family will keep getting that sweet paycheck “I’ve met nearly every woman in this room and I can’t think of one who would make a better friend I’d be glad to have you stayMy relief was inexpressibleDo you think Maxon asked That I could still call you ‘my dear’ Not a chance I whispered” Sometimes you need a dishy cat fighting true love finding princess y sort of book and this one was certainly it I enjoyed the rather sweet romance that developed between our mains Thank goodness it wasn't an insta love sort of deal Plus who doesn't love it when there's solid banter between the leads “If you don’t want me to be in love with you you’re going to have to stop looking so lovely First thing tomorrow I’m having your maids sew some potato sacks together for you” The thing that bugged the ever living daylights out of me was that the author really didn't know much about politics It sounds weird but bear with me The country is in a bout of civil unrest rebels both factions are breaking into the castle every other day and the king decides to host the Bachelor Really It just felt very under researched and clumsily done The author has the rebels breaking in so freuently that I really wondered if the king left the back door unlockedThe caste system added drama but you could tell that it was just there for girls to have excuses to be snobs to each other and for dramatic pining moments I love him but we could never be togetherAll in all it could've been a great book if it was better fleshed out but it's still an entertaining one Just don't think too hard Audiobook CommentsRead by Amy Rubinate not bad at allEXCEPT FOR THE ACCENTS I don't think the folks really planned out this audiobook series at all Book 1 ueen Amberly no accent her sister southern twang Companion Book The ueen ueen Amberly heavy native Honduraguan accent What the whatYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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Free read The Selection ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free õ For thirty five girls the Selection is the chance of a lifetime The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince MaxonBT is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacksThen America meets Prince Maxon Gradually she starts to uestion all the plans she's made for herself and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined. I read this book for one reason To find out why it's a New York Times Best selling series After drinking several beers and banging my head against the wall after reading The Selection I can kinda see why And to be fair it's probably not the absolute worst book I've read I mean there's still that time I read Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini Still it is by no means something that I'd recommendI know it might seem like I detested The Selection based on my status updates but to be perfectly honest I haven't had this much fun reading a terrible book since Midnight SunReasons Why This Book is Made of LOLZCharacter names If there's one thing that I just don't understand about The Selection it's why creativity couldn't be used on character names Really I'm not asking for much here but America SINGER Character names based on their occupation WHY What's funny is when other characters ask America what she does for a living because THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT COULD POSSIBLY BEHouse of Mary Sues It might not surprise you that this book is about a super special snowflake but did you know that virtually ALL the characters are just as special The competition in The Selection isn't just about which girl can win Maxon's heart Oh no It's about who's the most special of them all And since most of them are so damn selfless they end up tripping over themselves giving each other compliment after compliment No you're the prettiest You'd make such a great ueen I'm nothing but a cardboard cutout excuse for a supporting character giggle I shit you not In fact even Maxon and Aspen are competing too In my hands I hold a royal flush of Mary SuesThe love triangle I almost always dislike love triangles It turns the female character into someone who can only focus on the two boys and becomes a much less interesting person Her entire story revolves around the boys and which one is the most perfect for her In effect she is defined by this love triangle and her story becomes a shipping warI was hoping The Selection wouldn't fall into that trap and was ecstatic that America was leaving Aspen behind when she left to live at the palace But I knew things couldn't be that simple since he eventually shows up at the right fucking moment to add unnecessary romantic tension Because what a coincidence that a poor boy who's a glorified custodian would find his way all the way to the palace and a guard right outside America's door WOW It must be fate or perhaps bad writing Let's go with the latterSo now we have both boys back into America's life What's a 16 year old to do Who are you going to choose AmericaNo I'm not choosing him or you I'm choosing meBullshit America spends majority of the book struggling with who to choose And I would wager that the other books have the very same struggle If there is one thing this book was good at it was its predictabilityAlso did I mention how America has never had a female friend The explanation for this is that she is always working and was homeschooled But someone she made time to have a steady boyfriend Aspen for 2 years She even mentions his sisters but apparently they aren't friends Even I found it super strange that she mentions that Maxon would have been someone she befriended at home had he been a neighbor So I guess America only had time to make male friends back at home It's after she is forced to be around other females that she makes female friendsThe thing about her female friends is that the only thing they ever talk about is Maxon Though he is a supporting character to America he holds the center of this novel making it complete one dimensional lacking any character depth It's a real shame because the premise of The Selection isn't entirely a horrible one But instead Cass sets up a plot that is so staged that I couldn't possibly take it seriously Supporting characters are weaker to make America seem stronger Supporting character make ridiculous suggestions so America can seem smarter Rebels attack the palace for reasons not expanded on because it has nothing to do with the romance But hey those scenes make America look like a leader so why notWhat really kills me is how America tells Maxon that she just needs time to get over her ex boyfriend but he has no idea it's Aspen the very guard he stationed right outside her bedroom at night And she doesn't seem to have any inclination to tell Maxon either Also Maxon doesn't own a set of ballsLike I said earlier I can sort of see the appeal of this book and I've been told it's really popular among younger readers Two hot boys pretty dresses a light and fluffy read There is nothing wrong with these things I occasionally like them in my books as well depending on what kind of mood I'm in But I would have liked the novel to be about than just a girl choosing between each guy We know nothing about her beaus outside of how cute they are to America What are their traits strengths morals How do they individually enhance America's life What do these male characters represent on a larger scale How do they even differ The Selection doesn't even begin to touch on any of those uestions because the story doesn't actually leave you with any to ponder What it does leave you with is a promise of a love triangle from hell and a sinking sense that the remainder of the series could only be one thing a waste of time My paperback came with a sneak peek of book 2 and I was very underwhelmed even than I was with The Selection She starts off book 2 with the difficult choice of Maxon or Aspen I think I will spare myselfSo the uestion is Is this book worth a read In my opinion no Alternately there's The Jewel that has a very similar feel but is an overall stronger novel in every possible way Read that insteadSteph outMore reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery