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Spacetrawler (Spacetrawler, #1) Read ☆ 100 Á The galaxy is run on Eeb built technology which is a great and glorious thing if you aren't an Eeb Legally labeled as less than sentient they have no hope for liberation except for by the hands and face tentacles of Interplanet Amity a galactic watchdog group who are about to make their biggeThe galaxy is run on Eeb built technology which is a great and glorious thing if you aren't an Eeb Legally labeled. This trade contains the first 107 strips of the webcomic Spacetrawler Note I am reviewing the collected comics not the print version of themStarship captain and galactic activist Nogg is left without a crew to help him liberate the meek yet technologically gifted Eebs from their galaxy wide enslavement His less than brilliant solution get humans involvedOne of Baldwin's other comics Little Dee is an all time favorite of mine So I was interested to see what he could do in an extremely different genre and format To be honest my initial impression wasn't great The early scene setting strips didn't click well for me and I had a hard time getting into the comic Thankfully I continued on the advice of someone who'd read farther as somewhere in the 20's Spacetrawler picks up and never looks backThe crew is a diverse well defined collection of nut cases and the dry and often morbid humor really works once the comic gets going The core plot is a solid framework to move things along and Baldwin has a nice touch when it comes to surprises and twists The balance of the character's personalities both individually and as a group is phenomenal No one feels redundant or like a cipher and while all too weird and idiosyncratic to be truly likable it's easy to become fond of most of them despite themselvesAfter an uneven start Spacetrawler becomes a fun humorous adventure well worth traveling along with I haven't read anything uite like it including Baldwin's other comics Recommended

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As less than sentient they have no hope for liberation except for by the hands and face tentacles of Interplanet. The Eebs small green aliens with strange telekinetic powers have been declared “less than sentient” and enslaved by the Galactic Organizational Body A civil rights group named Interplanet Amity wants to free the Eebs Their best hope is to seek help from a planet that’s almost ready to join the GOB but hasn’t yet become dependent on Eeb based technology A small blue planet called Earth But is this their best hope or a horrible mistakeThis webcomic begins with a brief action prologue then starts the framing device with a lonely old man in South America A fish like alien Nogg lands in his yard and after some false starts informs the man that his daughter Martina Zorilla is dead Mr Zorilla had suspected this since her disappearance years before He insists on hearing the whole story and the rest of the strip is that taleNaive Nogg and his IA colleagues the sarcastic Krep and amiable but dim witted Gurf begin their plan by abducting six humans from around the world each chosen for their special skills and ualities Martina Zorilla of South America Pierrot Abdullahi of Gabon Emily Taylor of Southwestern United States Dmitri Sokolov of Russia Yuri Nakagawa of Japan and Bill Landing of Australia Er scratch that last one as Nogg accidentally snags Bill’s paranoid and perpetually wrong headed twin brother Dustin insteadThis is only the first glitch in the plan as the Earthlings are less than enthusiastic about being abducted and dubious about the effects of Earth joining the GOB to overthrow its economic basis And even after they mostly get on board it turns out there are a lot of things the protagonists don’t know about the GOB the Eebs and even humanity itself that throw spanners into the worksThis science fiction webcomic is comedic but with a melancholic overtone as we already know that at least one of the main characters won’t make it out alive The characters are diverse and mostly likable Dusty being the Dr Smith “guy you love to hate” type and there’s some good character development Martina goes from being a bored young woman dreaming of adventure to a capable leader for example Be forewarned however that not all developed characters become better people There is a bit of national stereotyping the American is extremely violent and the Japanese character is a technophileThere is uite a bit of violence and sexual situations call it PG 13This first volume covers the first third or so of the plot up to the point where the original IA plan completely falls apart The complete webcomic can be read for free at but the collected volumes come with illustrated introductions bonus strips and they put money directly into the artist’s pocket which frees him up to make webcomics Mr Baldwin is now producing One Way a webcomic about a crew of expendable misfits sent to make first contact with aliens and their discovery that this trip is trulyone wayI recommend Spacetrawler to science fiction fans who enjoy comedyFor science fiction reviews see

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Spacetrawler Spacetrawler #1Amity a galactic watchdog group who are about to make their biggest mistake yet asking for help from the human rac. No reviews of this yet why not It is excellent space comedy with engaging characters human alien and robotic and wild action The alien ship captainfree the Eebs activist who kidnapped six humans comes back to Earth to tell the father of one of them about his daughter's life and death working to free the Eebs as he promised her he would if she died We don't get yet to see how if she died; he is describing all of her adventures and those of the whole crew It is all hilarious I loved Christopher Baldwin's Bruno comics This is totally different I only realized far into it that he was the same writer and every bit as good That is if you like funny science fiction which is a favorite of mine I read this online