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Download A Study in Scarlet reader ´ 123 pages µ A Study in Scarlet is the first published story of one of the most famous literary detectives of all time Sherlock Holmes Here Dr Watson who has just returned from a war in Afghanistan meets Sherlock Holmes for the first time when they become flat mates at the famous 221 B Baker StreeSherlock Holmes investigates a murder at Lauriston Gardens as Dr Watson tags along with Holmes while narratively detailing his amazing deductive abilitie uite clearly marvelous to see how the rules of detective fictionnoir are placed so meticulous and clear in this the first Sherlock Holmes novel Halfway the locale turns exotic Holmes already knows who the culprit is and fittingly the motive is but half the story What a feeling of pervasive excitement the mid 19th century had with these cerebral albeit universal yarns of suspenseAs slight yet surprising a tome as another English hero James Bond's first foray Ian Fleming's Casino Royale

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A Study in Scarlet is the first published story of one of the most famous literary detectives of all time Sherlock Holmes Here Dr Watson who has just retu Arthur Conan Doyle's first Sherlock Holmes novel is utterly unimpressive In short the book starts like thisand mid way turns into thisAnd I am not even joking The novel begins with Holmes and Watson meeting moving into their Baker Street apartment and then investigating a murder of a man found in an abandoned house At the half point however the story completely changes its course and becomes the most awkward introduction of the murderer's back story and motives involving Mormons polygamy violence money and Brigham Young The structure of The Study in Scarlet is utterly bizarreBut let's not linger on the bad I want to use this review to shamelessly hype the new BBC version of Sherlock HolmesThis is an absolutely delightful modernized take on the old characters and it offers a much better version of Arthur Conan Doyle's dreadful story So check it out

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A Study in ScarletRned from a war in Afghanistan meets Sherlock Holmes for the first time when they become flat mates at the famous 221 B Baker Street In A Study in Scarlet Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Killer Mormons But about that laterOk the big deal about this one is that you get to see the SherlockWatson meet cute I mean this is one of the most important meetings in the history of all literature Come on people Get excitedIt's only fair to mention that I've read and reread all of these stories a bjillion times and these are by far my favorite classic characters Well except for Lizzie Mr DarcyBut I know I haven't read PP as many times as I have Sherlock's mysteries which should tell you something right thereI LOVE YOU SHERLOCKAnd just to be clear I loved him before he was all sexified Ok so Watson is back from the war he basically just got trounced on and then came home and has wasted all of his money is running low on funds Luckily he runs into an old pal from school who just happens to know of this guy who's looking for a roommate One thing leads to another and the next thing you know Felix Oscar have found their forever homeAlright as far as the mystery goes it's just Sherlock running around sniffing things implausibly being able to identify cigar ash and tracing the movement of criminals using day old tromped on footprintsGiven what we know about forensic evidence now is any of this in any small way even remotely believable? Can Sherlock actually deduct the answer to this mystery from horse tracks a dead man's bad breath and a plain wedding band? You're goddamn right he canSo WhoDoneIt?Now I'm fully prepared to admit that I had forgotten about the Mormon Connection I haven't read this one years mostly because I prefer the short stories DuhBut to uncover the reasons behind the killings Doyle takes us on a journey to the wilds of America Specifically UtahLand of the Magic UnderwearThis was where the tale of one man's thirst for vengeance was born And it's all Brigham Young's fault He was eeeeeeevil Bwahahahahaha I'm assuming that Mormonism like most religions has its share of shady skeleton's in the closet Now I don't claim to be an expert on these guys And I don't personally know very many Mormons due to their predilection for Salt Lake City All I know about that religion is what I've seen on tv or read in books and it's not muchThey wear special underwear They can't watch R rated movies And they used to go door to door until the Jehovah's Witness got to be too much competitionThere's something else I'm forgetting though What is it? It's right there on the tip of my tongue Is it that they write best selling novels about sparkly vampires? No there was something that looked like a big pink elephantOh I rememberYes Well from what I can tell the only Mormons who practice polygamy now are fringe groups that are or less shunned by their peers And while I'm not on board with any religion I doubt that this one is much weirder than most at this point anyway Plus at least most Mormons seem to be pretty educated and well off It's not like Salt Lake City is one huge trailer park filled with toothless hillbillies And bonus they seem to have the sense to keep their crazy old people off the airwavesOr so I thought Now that I've read this I'm going to have to rethink my plan to move west Who knew these guys were so devious?Kidnapping forced marriage murder and secret bird calls? Was this really a five star book?Fuck no But it's my favorite character's first book and I enjoyed the hell out of it Buddy read with my Non Crunchy Friends